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Our Story

  • 1940 Mr. José Murília Bozza Company Founder

    1955 The high demand and import restrictions made ​​BOZZA develop a national prototype.

    1950 BOZZA started its activities selling lubrication products, purchased at this time in the foreign market.

  • 1957 BOZZA became the 1st Lubrication Equipment Industry in Brazil

    1960 The automotive industries arrive in Brazil together with small and medium industries.

    1959 Participating in tradeshows and events BOZZA promotes its brand across the country.

  • 1963 BOZZA diversifies its product line catering various productive sectors

    1965 BOZZA participates in tradeshows and events demonstrating their new products.

    1964 BOZZA starts manufacturing various equipment, in consequence of the increase in motor vehicles and service stations.

  • 1969 Brazil achieves na exceptional growth, called "Economic Miracle". It was a time of great accomplishments and investments in heavy industry, steel, petrochemicals, construction and hydroelectric power generation.

    1973 BOZZA names mobile units as "Convoys" and becomes the pioneer in manufacturing of these equipments.

    1970 With these great works, the need for lubrication and supply equipments in areas of difficult access arose. BOZZA then created the "Convoy", a mobile unit of lubrication installed on a truck chassis.

  • 1975 With the Oil crisis, the Brazilian government created the "Pro-Alcohol", a program that encouraged the replacement of petroleum fuels by alcohol. There was a very large increase in sugar mills, which started producing ethanol from sugar cane. During this period, BOZZA begins to supply equipment for sugar and alcohol mills.

    1980 By this time, BOZZA began manufacturing elliptical tanks.

    1981 Season marked by large mining projects in Brazil. BOZZA starts also supplying to the mining segment, developing specific equipment.

  • 1983 Convoy become an essential tool for the outcome of these prominent sectors

    1987 BOZZA, on this decade, also begins to manufacture Hydraulic and Modulated Convoy

    1989 With the waves of development and opening the international market, product diversification occurred to meet the needs of companies in various segments.

  • 1992 Intensified the demand for closed modulated chest truck and began the manufacture of the Hydraulic Pipe Convoy.

    1996 The concern for the environment and new technologies have increased the models offered to the market.

    1998 The equipment was standardized with the blue color and an identification was created to differentiate the lubricants to be used in them.

  • 2002 BOZZA launches the Agrilub cart, aiming at the family farm

    2008 Continuous investments are made in product development to follow the evolution of the industry.

    2006 Lubrication is essential for the proper functioning of the machines and the productivity of businesses and with this concern, BOZZA, every year has been launching products to increase customer satisfaction

  • 2011 With the support of its customers, suppliers and employees, BOZZA continues working on great projects, from the field to industry, placing its tradition of always serving the customers.


The Pioneer In The History Of Lubrication In Brazil

Founded in 1950, BOZZA marketed lubrication products, acquired during this decade in the foreign market. The great demand and importation restrictions made ​​BOZZA develop a national prototype.

With the arrival of the automobile industries in Brazil and with them, the establishment of small and medium industries, BOZZA starts manufacturing equipment, as a result of the increase in motor vehicles and service stations.

With the implementation of major projects in Brazil, the need for fuel and lubricating machines in places of difficult access arose. Taking this era of development, BOZZA created the "Convoy", a mobile unit for lubrication and supplies used in the maintenance of work fronts.

With the Sugar Mills, Mining and the Creation of the Pro-Alcohol sectors in the highlights, BOZZA now serves over these segments, also providing, Agricultural Trailers, Tanks for Water Transport, Irrigation, Fire Farm, Convoy Hydraulic and Modulated.

In the 90's, technological improvements, non-contamination, concern with the environment and new projects have made the company grow further. Intensified as well, searching for Closed Modulated Convoy and the need arose to create a new unit, Hydraulic.

At the turn of the century, aiming at higher productivity in the field for small and medium agricultural producers, Bozzalança Carreta Agrilub lubrication. For Bozza, a pioneer in the history of doping in Brazil, continued investments in the development of equipment were required to monitor the evolution of the industry and offer today, new technologies in different market segments and in different countries.

BOZZA represents a concept of efficiency that goes far beyond the quality of the equipment. It Involves product specification, user training, technical delivery and post-sales technical support, in addition to the large lubrication projects, BOZZA has for over a half century aimed at satisfying the needs of its customers.

Our Mission

Operate in the lubrication and related businesses, in domestic and international markets, providing products and services of quality, respecting the environment, considering the welfare of all our employees and contributing to the country’s development.

Our Philosophy

For over 60 years, BOZZA maintains a philosophy that goes far beyond making mobile units and equipment for lubrication.

The company provides ideal solutions for optimizing the activity of lubrication, always seeking innovation and making changes to meet effectively the needs of lubrication.

Our Vision

"To be considered a world reference solution for lubrication, supported by a culture of ethics and sustainability"

Quality Policy

BOZZA, manufacturer of Lubrication Equipments and Supply Mobile Units, is focused on continuous improvement of its processes and products through training, employee awareness and continuous innovation to achieve recognition and customer satisfaction.

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