Founded in 1950, Bozza is created by the need to commercialize industrial lubrication products, initially purchased abroad. However, due to the constant increase in demand and import restrictions, Bozza chooses to develop a national prototype.

With the implementation of the automotive industries in Brazil, also came the small and medium industries, so Bozza begins to manufacture equipment to meet the growing market of automotive vehicles and service stations.

Major works begin with its machines in the interior of the country and with it, the need for lubrication and supply in places of difficult access. Taking advantage of the moment of much development, Bozza creates the “Convoy”, a Mobile Unit for Lubrication and Supply used to maintain the work fronts in Civil Construction

The Sugar Plants are highlighted, the Pro-Alcohol emerges and the Mining sector stands out, so it is the opportunity for Bozza to serve more segments, providing Agricultural Trailers, Water Transport Tanks, Irrigation, Agricultural Firefighter, Hydraulic and Modulated Trains.

In the 90s, technological improvements, concern for the environment with the requirement of non-contamination and new projects, made the company grow even more. All this motivated the intensification of the demand for the Closed Modulated Train in Chest and the need for the creation of a new equipment: the Truck-Tanker-Hydraulic.

At the turn of the century, aiming at greater productivity in the field for small and medium farmers, Bozza launches the Agrilub trailer for lubrication.

For this reason, Bozza, a pioneer in the history of lubrication in Brazil, has always invested and will continue to invest in equipment development to keep up with the constant evolution of the industry, offering new technologies in various market segments and in different countries.