Our History

Founded in 1950, Bozza was born with the need to sell products for industrial lubrication, initially, purchased on the external market. However, due to the constant market, Bozza has developed the first national grease and oil pump.

With the establishment of automobile industries in Brazil, small and medium-sized industries were also created, and then Bozza has started manufacturing equipment to serve the growing market for motor vehicles and automobile repair shop.

With the beginning of major works with machines in the countryside, there was also the need for lubrication and supply in hard-to-reach areas.  Taking advantage of the moment of great development, Bozza creates the “Convoy”, a Mobile Unit for Lubrication and Supply used in the maintenance of work fronts in Civil Construction.

Sugar plantations gain prominence, Pró-Álcool arises and the Mining Sector stands out, so, Bozza has the opportunity to serve more segments, supplying Agricultural Trucks, Tanks for Water Transport, Irrigation, Agricultural Firefighter, Hydraulic and Modulated convoys.

In the 90s, factors such as technological improvements, environmental concerns regarding  non-contamination requirements, as well as new projects, lead the company to grow even more. All this caused the intensification of the search for the Modulated Closed Trunk convoy, resulting in the need to create new equipment: the Hydraulic Water Truck.

At the turn of the century, aiming greater productivity in the field for small and medium-sized agricultural producers, Bozza launches Agrilub Trailer for lubrication.

For all this, Bozza, a pioneer in the lubrication history in Brazil, has always invested and will keep on investing in the development of equipment to follow the constant evolution of the industry, by offering new technologies in different market segments in several countries.