Pneumatic Pumps

Retractable Reels

Diaphragm Pumps

15021 High Flow Transfer Pump BZT-79000

Mobile Pressurized Oil drain

Digital Meters and Mechanic Volumetric Meters

1 year

Manual Pumps: 8522-G3, 8020-G3, 8620-G3, 8022-G3, 8622-G3, 8021-G2, 8031-G2, 8631-G2,
8032-G3, 8632-G3 and 8033-G2

Manual Pumps: 7020, 7030, 7029-G2, 7029-MASTER-G2, 7029-EASY, 7029-AIR, 7029-SPECIAL,
7028-E, 7029-PREMIUM, 7021-G2, 7022-T-G2, 7022-PP, 7022-PREMIUM, 7801-M, 7802

Electric Manual Pumps FOX, BT

Gravity Oil drain and Evacuation of oil carts

Fuel meter Model 1515

Hoses and Accessories (Lubrifil Assemblies, Pressure Regulator, Grease / Oil
Control meter,
Nozzles, Hydraulic Couplers, Tire inflator nozzles, Hard Extensions /
Flexible Extensions, Swivel Connection, Crosshead Adapter, Tire Repair Kit, covers, Compactors)

Hydraulic Transmission Jacks and Floor Jacks

6 months

Hydraulic Bottle Jacks, Hand Oil Cans, Quick Connection, Cleaning Nozzle and Sprayer
with Reservoir, 7070-FP, 7070-T, 7090-S-MC, 7090-S-TB

3 months